Brad Onishi

Straight White American Jesus

“The most listened to religion and politics podcast today”

An in-depth examination of the culture and politics of Christian Nationalism and Evangelicalism by two ex-evangelical ministers-turned-religion professors. Our mantra is to be analytical, unflinching, and accessible. We break down the most important topics of our day in a research-based approach.  If you have ever wondered what social and historical forces led white evangelicals to usher Donald Trump into the White House this is the show for you. As former insiders and critical scholars of religion, Dan Miller and Bradley Onishi have a unique perspective on American politics and religion.


Featuring an array of experts across the academic disciplines, SWAJ provides a strategic opportunity for civic engagement on topics often considered “too hot” to handle. The guests are excellent, and the conversations are always insightful. Amidst the confusion of contemporary events, getting past unfounded opinions and wild speculation is difficult. Bradley Onishi is to be congratulated for making so much of this emerging knowledge accessible to so many. SWAJ will remain a resource for grasping our current historical moment for a very long time.” – Gerardo Martí, Professor of Sociology at Davidson College and author of American Blindspot: Race, Class, Religion, and the Trump Presidency

SWAJ navigates the turbulent waters of religion in American politics with ease and clarity. Covering a range of relevant and urgent topics, it provides a critical lens through which to understand complex aspects of our political environment that often remain unexamined. At a crucial historical moment, Brad and Dan offer a desperately needed voice to help people navigate the processes by which the Christian right has garnered an inordinate share of political participation and discourse. Their own expertise combined with their exceptional guest interviews results in a truly unique resource, one that has a permanent place in my classes and my headphones.”– John Sobslai, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Montclair State University

The Straight, White, American Jesus podcast is essential for folx coming out of evangelical and fundamentalist religious groups who are looking to gain a greater understanding of history, politics and government – one that they never had access to in religious systems. The Orange Wave, in particular, offers a particularly helpful deep dive into the creation and rise of the religious right with a unique emphasis on how the religious right’s impact has spanned far beyond politics and into sexuality, gender roles, social justice issues, and academia. This podcast has been foundational for me in re-learning history and I highly recommend!” – Laura Anderson, MFT, Founder of the Center for Trauma Resolution and Recovery

As someone who writes about and teaches Religion Clause law, I am delighted to have found SWAJ. To understand the direction current Religion Clause law is taking, students need to understand contemporary Protestant Evangelicalism and SWAJ offers an especially accessible, trustworthy and rich resource. The Orange Wave in particular is a must-listen for anyone interested in tracing the roots of this movement that now has such an important influence on our politics and law.” – Robert Tuttle, Berz Research Professor of Law and Religion, George Washington University Law School


Charismatic Revival Fury: The New Apostolic Reformation


An Audio-Documentary Series on the Christian Leaders and Ideas that Fueled the Capitol Riot

The NAR is the most influential Christian phenomenon that you either haven’t heard of, or don’t understand. It is much discussed, but rarely explored in depth with a scholar’s insight and patience. Charismatic Revival Fury breaks through the myths in order to clearly present the origins of the fastest growing component of Christianity in the USA – and maybe the world – through its key figures: starting with C. Peter Wagner, then moving to Ché Ahn, Lance Wallnau, Cindy Jacobs, and Dutch Sheets. Along the way, we see how people like Sean Feucht, Gen. Michael Flynn, Doug Mastriano, and others fit into the NAR matrix.

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