Brad Onishi

Scholar, Speaker, Thought Leader

Brad Onishi is a social commentator, scholar, writer, teacher, coach, and co-host of the Straight White American Jesus (SWAJ) podcast. In everything he does, Brad seeks to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange by providing insight into life’s most fundamental questions. He often speaks about topics related to the radical conservatism and extremist religions that shape our world, some of it right in our own neighborhoods. His show, SWAJ, ranks in the top 50 of Politics shows on Apple’s podcast charts – ahead of programs from NPR, the NYT, and other national outlets. His forthcoming bookPreparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism – And What Comes Next will be available January 2023.

In the Media

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“Straight White American Jesus is the most listened to religion and politics podcast today.”


Bradley Onishi is available to speak to a variety of audiences on topics related to Christian nationalism, race and politics, masculinity, deconstruction, and the history of religion in America. He welcomes invitations to speak at churches, universities, business seminars on DEI, religion, and politics, and other venues.

Seminars and Coaching

Brad is a trauma-informed coach who periodically runs small groups on masculinity after evangelicalism. He also has limited availability for one-on-one coaching related to deconstruction, purity culture, and recovering from religious trauma.